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Pinkponilo is a sewing and fashion studio, which also deals with design and production. Pinkponilo was established in 2017 aiming to promote self-made clothing and to raise awareness towards the damaging effects of the fast fashion industry. Pinkponilo researches the designers making experiments with reusing textiles, thinking about new fashion techniques and zero waste possibilities. At Pinkponilo we provide sewing machines and tools to use and also organising workshops. We are also interested in combining creative technology and fashion (smart textiles, 3D printing, also would be great to experiment with VR in the design process).

We are members of Fashion Revolution Hungary. 

Our current partners are: Design Week Budapest, Lebenskleidung, MitOst.

More details about our Berlin-Budapest Production Lab project:

The Berlin-Budapest Production Lab aims to establish bridges between the designers and manufactures. We believe that understanding the designers' respective working process in the two cities is the foundation of a strong co-production hub. Our goal is to create a long term collaboration between Berlin based creatives and Hungarian manufactures. This is a design and production (knowledge) transfer between the two cities (short term idea) in the field of sustainable fashion.


We try to map design companies, production facilities in order to match make and encourage a more ecological inner European production process of fashion, clothes and textiles. Its also about raising awareness for the producers side and their processes, trying to adjust and introduce materials, components and methods into the production chain, such as more locality, sustain and eco friendlier approaches and social issues. Socially engaged artists will be able to gain from the project a sustainable production chain.


We expect to solve social problems such as inequality, environmental issues, protectionism, with transparent-sustainable-trade-network and education in practice with running actual production. 


Our partner: Flutgraben Künstlerhaus Berlin, Studio C32, representative: Matthias Krause, Nao Ibaragi

This programme is realised with kind support from Governing Mayor of Berlin – Senate Chancellery.

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