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what are the workshops about?

The Pinkponilo workshops focus on creativity and uniqueness. Each themed piece is made in-house and tailored to the needs of the workshop participants. Our aim is to make the dressing culture defined by fast fashion stores more colourful and creative, and to introduce sustainable living and environmentally conscious alternatives in dressing. From 2017 onwards, the sewing workshops will be complemented by theoretical courses to improve our knowledge and provide the necessary tools.

During the workshops, we pay particular attention to the provenance of the materials we use, in many cases reviving old materials that others have discarded. Many of our garments follow the principles of zero waste pattern making, promoting a zero-waste lifestyle. At the moment we are mainly working with our partners on off-site events, our regular sewing workshops are not active.

1. How can I apply?

A honlapunkon keresztül, vagy egyénileg emailben ( A regisztrációd a részvételi díj befizetésével lesz aktív, ez esetben tudjuk fenntartani a helyedet. Lemondásra költség terhe nélkül a workshop időpontja előtt 7 nappal van utoljára lehetőséged. Ingyenes workshopok esetében kérjük, ha mégsem tudnál jönni, e-mailben jelezd nekünk, hogy tudjuk a létszámot.

2. What are we going to make?

Each workshop has its own theme, and at the end of the sewing workshops you can leave with a finished garment. You can follow the specific styles, types and colours in our Facebook events, but if you have any further questions or requests, please let us know by email. The theoretical workshops will focus on knowledge sharing and discussion. We have many individual programs where you can see details at the event.

3. To what extent can the style be modified?

We'll always tailor the garment to your size, so you don't have to worry about it not fitting. In addition, we always give you colour options and to some extent, you can also adjust the length of the dress/skirt and the sleeve length. Ideas that substantially alter the shape (for example, making a sleeveless dress instead of a sleeveless version) are not usually possible, but we'll be happy to help you if you have any specific questions!

4. How well should I be able to sew?

Not at all. Enthusiasm and openness are the most important things, but we'll be there for you in everything else and help you if you get stuck! No problem! That said, we also make sure that our themes are designed to challenge the more experienced. If we advertise an advanced session where basic knowledge is required, we will make sure to mention it in the description.

5. Isn't that dangerous?


6. What if I mess up?

....You won't mess it up. And we'll find a good solution.

7. What should I take with me?

We provide all the tools you might need, but bring a notebook if you want to document the steps!

8. How long will it last?

Most of our workshops last 1-4 hours. 

9. Can I bring my girlfriend/boyfriend/family member/bestie?

Of course! We are regularly visited by couples or groups of friends and family members.

10. And the doggie can come?

We are a dog-friendly studio, so of course. Our venue is small now, but the yard is still very spacious, and other doggies are working.

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