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Pinkponilo Creative Studio has worked on ethical and conscious fashion solutions since 2017. Our services and activities for our business and residential partners can be divided into three main units:

Sustainable fashion product development and manufacturing

As part of local and European networks, we work with our creative partners to promote new textile production methods, interdisciplinary initiatives, and alternative solutions. We aim to create a local and regional sustainable production chain that responds to the many challenges facing the textile and fashion industry today. 


Art and Design collaborations

We work independently or in collaboration with local and international designers, and visual and performing artists as part of our creative activities. The team's work is concentrated in our downtown Budapest studio: our textile samples, our tools and knowledge base and our studio are not only available to us but also to creative professionals. Our work and art are based on a combination of organic textiles and collected off-cuts, artisanal and innovative techniques, zero-waste production methods, and an inclusive and inspiring atmosphere.


Research and Education

We think about the future of the fashion industry together with different generations and all social segments. Through workshops, lectures, conferences, knowledge sharing, and art education, we address sustainable fashion with a focus on promoting conscious living. We collaborate with local NGOs, public schools and universities, cultural events, and institutions. We need to give back to society on an ongoing basis, whether through social projects, conferences in the field, university research, or the integration of young people in their careers. We see sewing as a way of creating clothing and art, as a therapy and community-building.

Open Studio

Do you have experience in making clothes, but don't have the space or resources at home? Then this is for you! Our staff will help you get started, and you can work independently in 1-3 hour time slots. Sign up for a minimum of 1 hour, and if you're not sure how much time you need, you can extend it on the spot or indicate it at registration. You can work comfortably with 2 people at a time, and a Poni staff member will help you with where to find what you need and accident prevention. Bring your own prepared material, cut out pieces, we will leave it up to you. Tailoring and sewing equipment will be available on site.



Open Studio: 5500Ft / hour

Registration via e-mail:

Individual education: 16500Ft / hour

Consultation: 8250Ft / 30 min

Design and specific individual education: by appointment You can register for these via our registration form here.

You can also read the GTC on our premises, acceptance of which is a prerequisite for using the workshop.

Individual consultation is possible via the e-mail address given in the contact form (

Our studio address: 1053, Budapest, Kossuth Lajos street 14-16. fszt. right / Paloma Courtyard

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