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We have been working in the 5th district since May 2017 and have not thrown away any textile waste since we started. We donate textiles that we can no longer recycle to creative projects or textile recycling companies. Our goal has always been to educate people about sustainable clothing and lifestyle through design, education, and art. Furthermore, the creation of a dressmaking studio and workshop that deals with material sourcing, design and production, mainly for individual orders, in small series, to make the national dressing culture, as defined by fast fashion stores, more colourful, creative and unique, by incorporating the ideas of the wearers themselves. The idea was born out of the emergence of an increasingly broader and fresher image of service providers in Budapest, meeting the very high demands of a developing city, be it in terms of accommodation, cultural programs, gastronomy, fashion, or leisure activities.


We are constantly looking for sustainable sourcing of materials, partners, and suppliers. We investigate the ecological footprint of different materials and minimize waste during tailoring with our zero-waste or minimal-waste tailoring samples. We research different clothing patterns, experimenting with a range of textiles and materials in the hope of creating a contemporary and timeless fashion in a sustainable and eco-friendly design.

It is important to develop ideas with local young creatives and to tap into the skills of the local professional workforce.

We are looking into local and international organizations working in the field of fashion that are concerned with labor protection, consumer rights, the environmental aspects of textile production, and textile recycling (e.g. Conscious Customer, OEKO-TEX, Clean Clothes Campaign, etc.). ) We believe that involving our customers in our work processes, such as participating in workshops, helps to transform the relationship with our clothes, make them more conscious, give them a lasting appreciation of our clothes - and last but not least, it's fun! We bring our approach to environmental awareness and the results of our related research to the community through presentations at external venues and our own events.

social sustainability:

A fashion studio's commitment to social sustainability is crucial for fostering a positive impact on both the environment and society. By implementing ethical labor practices, a brand can ensure fair treatment and working conditions for its employees. Engaging in community initiatives, such as supporting local artisans or contributing to social causes, can help bridge the gap between commerce and social responsibility. Incorporating sustainable materials and production processes reduces the environmental footprint and promotes longevity over fast fashion. Lastly, by educating consumers on the importance of sustainable practices, a brand can inspire a shift towards more conscious consumption, leading to a healthier planet and society. 


We are currently doing it all with the help of our partner (Charity taxi), among others, to show young people in small communities the love of sewing and the future career option of sustainable fashion. Would you support the project with your time? Join us and donate by volunteering your time sewing:

Would you support the project with a donation? You can do that on our partner's page.


az anyagok érzékeléséről, az anyagok és a testünk viszonyáról keveset beszélünk, holott rengeteg információ megy át a szervezetünk irányából, nemcsak a látvánnyal, érintéssel is kommunikálunk.

az edukációs és kulturális programjainkat a tudatos életmód-design-művészet szisztémájába rendeztük, nyitva ezáltal több korosztály és a férfiak felé is.

nincs végcél, nem egy esztétikai elem ez. Azt szeretnénk elérni, hogy az egész létezésünket áthassa ez a gondolkodás. Erre vannak utópisztikus elképzeléseink.

azt szeretnék elérni, hogy aki megfordul náluk, tudatosabb vásárlóvá váljon: nézze meg, hogy az adott termék milyen anyagból készült, hogyan lett megvarrva, és ne vakítsa el a leárazásokkal járó tömegpszichózis.

New trends in the fashion industry -

sustainable and personalised? - mini conference

Co-organised by Europe Point and Pinkponilo, available online.


The special thing about our studio is that we have never thrown any textile material in the bin since we started.


For our own use and for our projects we prefer to use off-cuts and organic materials.


We have 10 sewing machines in total.


What makes them special is that some of them were given to us as gifts.


We usually work with them in the workshops, too, with one of the 7 household machines.


3 artists 

we have worked with so far, on creating exhibitions.


We have been in touch with 12 local designers.


We are constantly working on new projects and every enquiry is very important to us.


More than 3000 people attended our workshops.


It is always a pleasure for us when someone turns to awareness and seeks the opportunity to move towards a more sustainable way of life.


We work with 2 partners from Europe.


Our number of NGO partners is constantly growing, currently three.


We try to provide opportunities for those who are more interested in sustainability and sustainable fashion.


So far we have been involved in two complex 2 social and educational projects.

Support for the arts and home performances is very important to us.


So far we have designed and made costumes for 8 theatre productions and films.

We work with 20 textile distributors from whom we source sustainable textiles or their samples.

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