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design & production

The Pinkponilo creative studio is unique in that, in addition to our own art projects, we accept a wide range of ideas, projects and requests for design, modelling, serialisation and small-scale sewing. We accept complex projects that include several of the above phases, from the idea to the first sample, as well as projects that focus on a single phase. From casual wear to stage costumes, we work on a wide variety of projects, whether it's a site-specific collaboration or an exhibition. Below you can see some of our work, collected over the years.

Consultation on creative projects, brand launch and development:


For a sustainable fashion brand and other design and art projects in the field, we can take on a project management role for the whole process, the development of an existing project, research into sustainable materials or even the development of communication. Examples coming soon!



Whether it's the wedding dress of your dreams or a product idea you don't know how to launch, we'll help you get the result you've always dreamed of! During the design process, depending on the size of the project, we will consult you several times, develop your designs and suggest fabric types and colours for the perfect end result. Examples coming soon!




We can sew a limited number of pieces based on a pattern and a sample - you can find out more about our machines here. (At the moment we can only do sewing for our existing partners.) Examples coming soon!

Pattern making, sizing:


Based on a drawing, photo or sample, we can create and adapt patterns and serialize them. Examples coming soon!

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