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retailored chances

Together with the Adománytaxi team - and with you - we want to take the fashion design and sewing workshops started in Bátonyterenye to the next level - our aim is to help more young people see the future potential and strengthen local communities.
You can be the part of it and we show you the way.

Who are we?


Pinkponilo Creative Studio is working on ethical and conscious fashion solutions in Budapest and Europe since 2017. Our services and actions for business and local partners can be divided into 3 main units: (1) sustainable fashion product development and manufacturing, (2) art/design collaborations, (3) research and education.

Our partner, Adománytaxi (Charity Taxi) is a multipronged initiative that combines elements of social care, community building, and social sensitization. By connecting the needs of the supporters and those supported, they are working toward a more cohesive and sustainable society.


What is the aim of the project?


The Retailored Chances project (Sorsfordító Szálak in Hungarian) aims to provide young people in deprived rural villages with a profession while strengthening their creative skills.


To this end, we have launched a series of sewing workshops to provide on-site training in fashion design, where all participants can learn the basics of the profession by making their own designer garment. We are also helping young designers and their collections to make their way into the world of fashion so that their destiny is not defined by where they were born but by the fact that they can become anything they want and dare to dream big.


How can I help?


We need support to bring the training to as many villages and young people as possible, because not only the travel and the organisation of the training but also the materials are expensive. However, learning a trade can be a breakthrough for many young people in rural areas, such as the designers of our recent training in Bátonyterenye, whose custom-designed sweaters you can now buy to help a good cause.


Support the project via the Adománytaxi website by clicking here.

(The project page is in Hungarian, but on the website you can navigate in English.) For further questions, please contact us by e-mail:


Do you need more information or are you interested to join/help with active participation? Please, fill out our form and we will contact you.

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